When visiting any country, you need to know about the challenges that you may face during your holiday. Credible knowledge will help to avoid the sad consequences and not spoil the holiday. We bring to your attention a list of the most common problems that arise from the moment you arrive at the airport.

  1. Overbooking

This means selling several tickets to the same seat at the plane. If you confront a refusal when registering for a flight, there are several ways still to fly in the needed direction. The first thing to do is to put a mark on the check-in counter that you are denied departure because of a shortage of seats on the plane. Remember that if you are late for the plane, then nothing will help, but if you came two minutes before the estimated time of the end of registration, and you heard about overbooking – the law is on your side. Suggestions to go to another room “to solve the problem” will only mean that you just want to be taken out of the place where other passengers can hear about airline problems. If the flight is regular, then you will be offered either to reimburse the cost of the ticket, or to take an alternative flight. Therefore remember – you will receive exactly what you agreed with by signing this or that paper during the registration of a new flight.

The situation is different with the air charter, because in such a situation you are most likely to be sent to find out the reason for the problem in the travel company. You have every right to demand the return of the cost of the voucher plus compensation for moral damage. Of course, the agencies know about this, therefore, they will try to find a way out of this situation.

In any case, the surest way to avoid overbooking at the airport is to arrive for registration in advance. If you prefer travelling by car, you can use car rental app and there will be no need in worrying about the problem of overbooking in the airport.

If you are told about overbooking in a hotel, then you should contact the representative of the operator’s company for assistance. Here you need to be very persistent. By law, you must be provided by a hotel of a similar category or higher. In 90% of cases, the tour operator will help you – no one needs bad advertising, especially in tourism. Having got into the remaining 10% and involuntarily having moved to the hotel lower in quality, you have the right to demand compensation in any of its manifestations – from free excursions to baskets with fresh fruits – as well as to demand the tour operator the difference in the accommodation price.

  1. Theft at airports

After all things are packed, be sure to wrap the suitcase in stretch pack. This can be done at the airport. There have been cases when, in some countries, money, cigarettes, documents and other valuables were missed from the suitcases. The thieves were the airport employees, who easily open the combination lock. Be wary of those, who come to you with requests. While you are distracted, an accomplice of this person may come from behind and take out your bag or a purse.


Tip: keep all documents and money with you! Perfect clothes for tourist trips are with inner pockets that close with a zipper.


  1. Deception in the exchange of currency

Exchange money in the banks of your city. Even at the airport, you can see people, who offer to exchange money at a favorable rate. Most likely, after this you will remain with fake banknotes and spoiled holidays. If you cannot make an exchange in your city, do it only in banks of another country. Do not exchange money even at the currency exchange points.


  1. Theft in hotels

Theft in hotels is not such a frequent occurrence, but it is still necessary to observe minimal security requirements. When you are going for a walk, it is better to take the money and documents with you or to hide them safely in your room. If you go to rest on the beach, to the water park or to the party, it is better to take only a small amount of money. In any case, so as not to spoil your holiday and not to get into trouble, read reviews about the hotel you are planning to go to and draw conclusions. If there are many negative reviews, be vigilant. If nothing similar happened to you during the rest, then write your own review.

  1. Diseases at the holiday

Always observe basic safety rules:

  • Before the trip, find out what diseases you can get in the chosen country (there are websites with their description on the Internet). Make needed vaccinations;
  • Take a survey. Some diseases can become aggravated in other climatic conditions;
  • Take a first aid kit with the necessary medicines for all cases;
  • Consult a doctor well in advance;
  • Learn about dangers in the sea, where you are going to swim.


Precautions at the holiday:

  • It is advisable not to take off your shoes while walking;
  • Do not drink water from the tap, better buy it in bottles;
  • Discard the raw foodstuffs;
  • Do not lie on the sand with a naked body, use a deck chair or special bedding;
  • Avoid contact with unfamiliar animals;
  • Attend protected beaches.


Going on vacation to another country, learn about local traditions and laws. In some states, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol. Without knowing this, you can get in jail or pay a huge fine. In addition, in many countries you cannot export even sea pebbles or seashells! For this, you can be punished according to the full severity of the law.


What challenges can you face abroad?