Love to travel, discovering new places and collecting amazing experiences? A good option for a long trip will be a comfortable car at an affordable price. This article lists the top five cars for your road trip. Save yourself the hustle of moving up and down looking for a car from professional car rental services by hiring your favorite car at under21 car rental. They offer all sorts of cars for your road trip.

The main characteristics of cars for traveling are:

roomy interior;

large trunk;

soft suspension;

economical engine;

high maximum speed;

decent performance;

tested technical condition.

For those who prefer to travel on the roads with home comfort, minivans, minibusses, and trailers are intended. They will comfortably accommodate the whole family or friendly company.

For moving between settlements suitable less expensive options in the back of a hatchback, wagon, crossover. Offroad vehicles will be the ideal choice for avid fishermen, hunters and extreme lovers who want to conquer untrodden spaces.

Analysis of prices for cars for your road trip, a rating of cars suitable for travel has been compiled.

1. Volkswagen Multivan

A roomy minibus for longdistance trips.

2. Toyota Prius

Hatchback with improved aerodynamics, spacious interior, and economical hybrid engine.

3. Subaru Outback

Allwheel drive wagon with low fuel consumption and the possibility of placing equipment in the cabin, trunk, on the roof.

4. Renault Kangoo

A compact passenger van with low consumption of gasoline or diesel fuel.

5. “Lada Largus

Domestic sevenseat station wagon with a spacious trunk.

How to make the rest on the car comfortable and safe

To travel by car has brought the maximum positive emotions, experts advise taking the following measures:

consider fuel costs and possible repairs;

• check the cost of lodging and parking;

do not leave the car unattended;

do not leave valuables in the cabin;

do not attract attention with expensive accessories.


Following these simple tips will allow you to plan your trip budget in advance, avoiding unforeseen expenses, as well as secure movement in a car along a selected route in unfamiliar territory.

Professionals at under21 car rental work hard to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the quality of services offered. You will not regret your choice at under21 car rental.

5 Best Cars for Your Road Trip
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